just so的中文翻译是怎么样的_turn to的中文翻译是怎么样的

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1、just so的中文翻译是怎么样的

英语just so虽说看似很简单的,但是很多人都不知道它正确的中文翻译形式会是怎么样的。小编为大家精心准备了英文短语just so最合适的中文翻译,欢迎大家前来阅读。

just so的中文解释

英 [dʒʌst səʊ] 美 [dʒʌst soʊ]

just so 基本解释




a:hey, ted. what are you up to this friday?


b:well, i have the day off from work.


a:that’s great! do you have any plans?


b:well, i’ve been working so hard lately, so i’ll probably just take it easy.


a:sounds nice.


b:yeah, i’ll probably just stay in and relax. maybe watch a few movies.


a:can i stop by?


b:sure. any time.


just so的单语例句

1. i was just so inspired by that movie, for whatever reason.

2. as experts in the mainland are so fond of saying in recent years, we just need the software to catch up with the hardware.

3. vegetarianism is becoming quite a popular lifestyle choice in the west though, so it's likely just a matter of time before it catches on here.

4. so the actual annual interest rate for the farmers is just 5 percent.

5. the two got along so well during their chat sessions that they decided to meet in chengdu after knowing each other for just 10 days.

6. so they just took a photo of the chef with a tied crocodile and then digitally erased the ropes on the picture.

7. i'm at that point where i feel like an adult - so i can't just live from pay cheque to pay cheque.

8. editing and revision are just so difficult when you write with a chisel.

9. so just as in ancient times, they remain very choosy in selecting a mate.

just so的双语例句

1. there will always be people who will hurt you, so you need to comtinue trusting, just be careful.


2. there will always be people who'll hurt you, so you need to comtinue trusing, just be careful.


3. i just want to tell you that i love you very much so.


4. i just want to tell her that i love her very much so.


5. it's just a short reminder to all of you working so hard in life.

这是你那么努力工作生活中的所有只是一个短的提醒。 猜你喜欢: 1.strike home的汉语翻译是怎么样的 2.so to speak的中文是什么意思 3.much more怎么翻译会比较好 4.revision的汉语是什么意思 5.study up on怎么用中文来翻译

2、turn to的中文翻译是怎么样的

当我们学习了turn to这一英语之后,首先是需要知道怎么样用中文来翻译它。下文是小编为大家准备了英文turn to准确的中文翻译,希望能对大家有所帮助!

turn to的翻译

求助于; (使)转向; (使)变成; 翻书到



a:it’s your turn to (drive/ pick me up/ take me to work) next week.


b:i know.


turn to的单语例句

1. lenovo is trying to turn around its overseas business by improving efficiency and cutting costs by laying off some workers.

2. palestinians in turn agreed to act against militants attempting attacks against israelis.

3. palestinians in turn agreed to act against what israel calls " ticking bombs " - assailants on their way to attack israelis.

4. cisa insists it wants to turn the iron ore industry from a seller's market to a buyer's market.

5. and could they have mysteriously disappeared for 20 years, only to turn up by chance in a tel aviv laboratory?

6. however, " convenient cab " could sometimes turn out to be dangerous for passengers'safety.

7. weigh down the cabbage by putting a heavy object on top and leave to soak about two to three hours until they turn limp.

8. the cacophony of horns only adds to the stress of already seething drivers, who in turn look for an outlet for their own frustrations.

9. how to turn the consensus from this round of talks into actionable measures?

turn to的双语例句

1. although the term potluck suggests a random assortment of dishes, it s likely to turn out better when the host does some kind organization by discussing with and assigning your guests a specific course or beverage to bring along.

尽管 potluck 一词含有随意携带食物之意,倘若主人与客人商议并分配下各自应带食品或饮料,效果可能会好得多,不然就有可能出现客人都只带餐后甜点的情况

2. multi-layer soft cascade ring at a fixed valve plate, the butterfly valve butterfly valve as compared with traditional high temperature, operation light, no friction hoist, turn off when the torque transmission mechanism with the increase to compensate for sealing, improve a butterfly valve sealing performance and durability advantages.


3. chooose wisely hero, for once you commit to your god you can never turn back.


4. totally then we can`t really turn our minds to the reality of the dharma.


5. we then turn to research into de novo protein structure prediction, in which structures are generated from first principles.

然后,我们转向对从头蛋白质结构预测的研究,其中的结构是从基本原则产生的。 猜你感兴趣: 1.on the turn的中文翻译是什么 2.on the move的翻译是怎么样的 3.move along怎么用中文来翻译 4.短语turn away的翻译是什么

3、英文up to怎么用中文翻译

英文up to的用法是有多种的,我们应该知道它每一种用法的中文翻译。快来看看小编为你准备了英语短语up to具体的中文翻译形式,欢迎大家阅读!

up to的中文翻译

英 [ʌp tu:] 美 [ʌp tu]

up to 基本解释

多达; 直到; 在于…; 能胜任



a:can i help you?


b:i like to (open up a savings account/ change money/ take out a loan), please.


up to的单语例句

1. each year thousands of chinese mainlanders come to the philippines to do business, and more and more end up settling in the country.

2. he quit a stable job as an english teacher at peking university and started up a business to help students develop their english skills.

3. i can only pray that some of these parents will wake up and begin to act responsibly for a change.

4. gop senate leaders said they did not act lightly in asking craig to give up his leadership posts temporarily.

5. many banks are setting up departments for sme loan business, according to zhou.

6. i like to be able to stand up and look a man in the eye when i'm talking business.

7. the business management and operation capability was obviously unable to catch up with the rapidly increasing business scale.

8. illegal business operation carries a maximum jail sentence of up to five years.

9. they could also be ordered to repay up to five times the profits generated by their illegal business operations.

up to的双语例句

1. the problem with private teaching is finding students; it took me a year to build up a full schedule of private lessons, so i started out teaching in schools part-time.


2. the elaborate loop-the-loop plot structure cooked up by screenwriter danny rubin is crystal-clear every step of the way, but it's murray's world-class reactive timing that makes the jokes explode, and we end up looking forward to each new variation.


4. before i was to write, time was up.


5. if he's up to it, we put him in the lineup.


6. but then one day, after scavenging for food, he arrived home to find his little hut in flames, the smoke rolling up to the sky.

但有一天,在他捕完食物後,準備回小屋時,突然發現他的小屋竟然陷在熊熊火之中,大火引起的濃煙斷向天上竄。 猜你喜欢: 1.英语up a tree怎么用中文翻译 2.英文study up怎么用汉语翻译 3.英语eat up怎么样用中文翻译的 4.break up怎么用中文翻译比较好

4、just about的中文翻译是怎么样的

我们除了要知道怎么读just about,还知道它具体的中文翻译形式。小编为大家精心准备了just about准确的中文翻译,欢迎大家前来阅读。

just about的中文解释

英 [dʒʌst əˈbaut] 美 [dʒʌst əˈbaʊt]

just about 基本解释

几乎; 大约; 几近; 马上


1. i met him just about here.


just about的双语例句

1. my chest tensed just thinking about it.


2. shi pingmei made the creation of about 400, 000 word entries in just five or six years time, her achievements of the literature are substantial, to some extent.


3. this is better than someone who just walked in looking for a consulting job but not knowing anything about the company.


4. just went up the line begins to put on record, put on record to spend the time of 3 weeks about, put on record eventually finish, be mad with joy.


just about的情景对话

shopping centers-(购物中心)

b:what sort of shopping is nearby, mr. taylor?


a:call me john. this is a great area of the city for shopping. there’s a grocery store just around the corner.


b:what about things other than food?


a:well, the riverside mall has 200 stores in it, including four major department stores.


b:are there small shops near here as well?


a:yes, on 4th street, near the movie theater there are many specialty shops, including clothing boutiques.


b:well, that sounds just wonderful.


a:yes, it’s a really nice neighborhood.

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