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08年12月四级真题 section b directions: there are 2 passages in this section. each passage is followed by some questions or unfinished statements. for each of them there are four choices marked a), b), c) and d). you should decide on the best choice and mark the corresponding letter on answer sheet 2with a single line through the centre. passage one questions 57 to 61are based on the following passage. several recent studies have found that being randomly (随机地) assigned to a roommate of another race can lead to increased tolerance but also to a greater likelihood (可能性)of conflict. recent reports found that lodging with a student of a different race may decrease prejudice and compel students to engage in more ethnically diverse friendships. an ohio state university study also found that black students living with a white roommate saw higher academic succethroughout their college careers. researchers believe this may be caused by social pressure. in a new york times article, sam boakye – the only black student on his freshman year floor -said that "if you're surrounded by whites, you have something to prove." researchers also observed problems resulting from pairing interracial students in residences. according to two recent studies, randomly assigned roommates of different races are more likely to experience conflicts so strained that one roommate will move out. an indiana university study found that interracial roommates were three times as likely as two white roommates to no longer live together by the end of the semester. grace kao, a professor at penn said she was not surprised by the findings. "this may be the first time that some of these students have interacted, and lived, with someone of a different race," she said. at penn, students are not asked to indicate race when applying for housing. "one of the great things about freshman housing is that, with some exceptions, the procethrows you together randomly," said undergraduate assembly chairman alec webley. "this is the definition of integration." "i've experienced roommate conflicts between interracial students that have both broken down stereotypes and reinforced stereotypes," said one penn resident advisor (ra). the ra of two years added that while some conflicts "provided more multicultural acceptance and melding (融合)," there were also "jarring cultural confrontations." the ra said that these conflicts have also occurred among roommates of the same race. kao said she cautions against forming any generalizations based on any one of the studies, noting that more background characteristics of the students need to be studied and explained.



part ⅳ translation (30 minutes)

directions: for this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage from chinese into english. you should write your answer on answer sheet 2.







part ⅳ translation (30 minutes)

directions: for this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to translate a passage from chinese into english. you should write your answer on answer sheet 2.






快速阅读秉承了一贯的出题思路,定位法在各个题目当中,得到了充分的体现。尤其是在第1,3,4,8,9,10题当中,还出现了大写字母(stella bianchi, naomi white of monash university, andrew fuller)的定位提示,方便考生迅速进行定位。


二, 仔细阅读


例如,在57题(why does the author congratulate his male readers at the beginning of the passage?)58题在题干中提到the most important reason; 61题中则出现了cartmill say about regular check up for men; 62题 why are store managers often the last to hear complaint 64题 shop owners often hire moonlighting polices as parking attendants so that shoppers 65题 what contributes most to smoothing over issues with customers?





1 词汇是先行。无论如何阅读理解的前提就是拥有基本的词汇量。如果没有词汇量的支撑,无论使用怎样的技巧和方法都不可能运用自如的。而且,词汇掌握的模糊,直接影响了阅读的速度,因为真正发现句子中的单词的时候,可能不能做出及时的反应,当多个单词出现这样问题的时候,自然影响了阅读速度和阅读质量。

2 长句难句要加强。